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I am one human being that respects the rights of all human beings to live in peace and to prosper, one that believes in positivity and the life grace of a higher power. I have no enemies and I court no friends; there is not an agenda to my writing, merely a suggestion for a path to a more peaceful world, in my opinion. Something must be done, or we, as the human race, will surely face further wars and conflict, as it pertains to these continuing pressing issues. My commitment is to continue to write, invent, and to charge with great passion to the saving and changing of my world, I will not accept failure. Ultimately, love and goodwill comes down to the question of death or victory.

I am a free man, I am not afraid. I realize that there our powers that appear to be stronger than destiny, but destiny will forever be stronger than power, and even, time. True history cannot and will not be washed away with the wasted blood and hypocritical lies of the hollow victors. I am not a scholar or a philosopher, though I do commit my life to learn as much wisdom and knowledge as possible. By my own choice, I do not belong to a particular religious faith, nor do I represent a particular political party in my beliefs. Though my preacher father, my childhood was spent in fundamental Pentecostal abuse, utilizing the fist and the doctrine of a vengeful God, the Torah/Old Testament and Revelations; I choose to study all religions equally and some politics. I have learned much from pain, among many other things, including the open-minded study of truthful history.

I write poetry, thoughts, ideas, short stories and scripts. I have about 20,00 pages of writing, that no one has ever read. Writing from the early 90’s in LA; through hippiedom, a summer of homelessness, sleeping in my car, working at Michael’s in Santa Monica at night and a Chinese restaurant on Wilshire in the day, writing poetry on the Venice Boardwalk by Rose (“name me any subject and I will write you a poem about it”), Oakwood (“Ghost Town”), nightly gunfire as the Venice Shoreline Crips warred with Venice 13, the Rodney King riots, martial law (National Guard walking the streets were to shoot-on-sight), living at Venice Place on Abbott Kinney, the Sculpture Garden, In-U-Its Loft Gallery, Rastafari dreads, raging Pacific Palisades fires, Malibu mudslides, and the Northridge earthquake.

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