Back to the future of 2008

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ISIL Declared War on Taliban

June 2017 – KABUL: The Islamic State has declared war on Taliban militants in Afghanistan as it called the latter “hypocrites and stooges of … More

ISIL Declared War on Hamas

January 2018 – JERUSALEM — The extremist Islamic State group’s branch in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula has taken a simmering dispute with the Palestinian Hamas … More

Gaza Blockade since 2007

Under the blockade, Israel has banned these items from entering Gaza: fruits, vegetables, wheat, sugar, meat, chicken, fish products, dairy … More

The history of Palestine

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Current Monarchies

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Palestine in the Bible

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Clinton and Wikileaks

Wikileaks released hacked emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign boss, John Podesta. He refused to confirm or deny the emails’ authenticity, suggesting … More