Explain to me why it is called the state of Israel and not today the state of Judea. After reading up on early Iron Age Hebrew history there are two kingdoms the Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Judea. The story points out that there are tribes, and then they want a king, and they get Saul and then David and then Solomon and then he has a son and in that period some of the tribes reject Solomons son as the new king. If I remember (and I can go look this back up if needed) like 10 tribes form the Kingdom of Israel and side with the King, and the remaining 2 tribes form the Kingdom of Judea and are on the side of ‘Yahweh’ and essentially side with that faction which was with the prophets as the prophet did not want a king. There of course are reasons why the people want the king and why they don’t want Solomon’s son as the next king. You can speak about that from your perspective.But then the Assyrian/Babylonians invade and capture the Kingdom of Israel (but not the Kingdom of Judea) and thus (I suppose) many or most of the people in Israel were shipped off to Babylon and then later on when they return there is this group called the Samaritans who were those Hebrews who did not go to Babylon and thus were not ‘tainted’ or altered by whatever happened there from their point of view.There are a small group of them today and I look this up they are not considered ‘real Jews’ (correct me on that if you wish, it just said they are not recognized as such)

It would appear to me, then they are the ‘real Jews’ and the group that formed the Kingdom of Judea would have been the remaining people who held that faith since the faith was tribal, based on neolithic ancestor worship like Abram, and based on tribal conceptions like Yahweh, and reject the bronze age culture from Babylon, and from the Bible that includes all those who lived in Canaan which was a Bronze Age state, and one that group from the earlier neolithic cultures where we see some of the first agriculture and a new type of neolithic religion.

So obviously, whomever lives today in Israel, that we call the Palestinians were really a layering of these various cultural movements, and of course later ones.

But my real questions why not establish what we call the state of Israel as the state of Judea, or is this state of Israel suppose to be that group that went to Babylon and come back and they want to claim that whole area as ‘theirs’ and thus exclude that other side of Judaic Hebrew.

I just am curious from your point of view.


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