What gained and lose one’s soul. What prospered that was good for all. Improvement is inevitable, we must all find a better way. There is only the destiny of our souls, we must arise to a better planet. If given the choice between destruction or improvement, I will commit to efficiency and the uniqueness of the human spirit, invest in that. We can combine symbiotic systems, that are supported by the latest technology. Improvement is the divine purpose of every living day. Its not illegal to be free, it is not illegal to be talented, it is not illegal to try. One planet can be more efficient, people should not have to breath polluted air, filter your emissions, damn. Power can remain, I am not interested in power, I am interest in results. Peace can come for all sides, and I can accomplish my mission. Peace is the mission. Peace just once, in the Holy Land, in all the Holy Lands, of all cultures. The equality of peace, all life must evolve to equilibrium


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