Is the U.S. still the “Greatest Country”

There are 196 countries in the world today – the United States of America ranks:

1st in number of adults who believe angels are real
1st in defense spending – spending more than the next 10 countries combined,
8 of whom are our allies


NOTE: Defense spending accounts for about 20 percent of all federal spending —
nearly as much as Social Security, or the combined spending for Medicare and Medicaid.

1st in production of oil and natural gas – daily output exceeding 11 million barrels
1st in the super rich – a net worth of at least USD 50 million (46% live in the U.S.)
1st in incarceration – 527,080 more prisoners than China, which ranks 2nd
1st in death by violence
1st in small arms imports
2nd largest trading nation in the world
2nd largest manufacturer – representing a fifth of the global manufacturing output
2nd for approval of drone strikes – Israel ranks 1st
4th in exports
6th in median household income – down from second highest in 2007
7th in literacy
10th in economic freedom
10th in purchasing power of minimum wage
11th in labor force
11th in minimum wage
15th in perceived press freedom
17th in education
17th in happiness
19th in national satisfaction
22nd in science
22nd in gender equality
23th in math
23rd in wage distribution
24th in freedom from corruption
27th in leisure and personal care
29th in intellectual property protection
43rd in homicide rates
44th in health care efficiency
49th in life expectancy
66th in religious diversity
67th in slavery
89th in depth of global connectedness
99th in peacefulness
101st in peace
125th in GDP growth per capita
178th in infant mortality


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