I do not profess to know all the aspects of race in America or for that matter the world, but if someone thinks that the color of ones skin, or the religion they worship, has nothing to do with the activities of a white led government and society for that matter is blind.
Genocide was done to the American Indians, slavery was done to the African Blacks, the only atom bombs ever dropped were on the… Japanese, almost half of what we call the USA was taken from the Mexicans, indigenous people all over the globe were slaughtered at will and their lands colonized, the war on the faith of Islam has raged for decades – all these autrocities and much more were done to people of color by people of white – American, European and Middle Eastern descent. To say that this culture of thinking has all ceased to exist is just pure ignorance.
Today it is still better to be a white person in America than to be black, brown, or any color of person. Being white certainly does not give you inherited monetary privilege, but let’s face it, wealth in America leans disportionately to white people. And justice does, too.
Having said this, this does not ignore the violence that is done to white by people of color.
I am against all violence, in any form.

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