Global Energy

There is a global energy; this energy is a force that is in all of us. We the people hold more power than the dollar. Money has ruled our world for far too long. Is it not the birthright of all human beings to realize the opportunity of their dreams, I say it is. I say that each human being, and for that matter – all life, has the same equal right to survive. When there are those that believe other life is not as important as their life, then that is the mistake.

Improvement is an inevitability. We have passed over into the beginning of a time when consciousness will continue to awaken, there is no going back into the womb, we are born. The time of thrash and burn has ended, now all that is left for that is the prune of natural cut. When a branch begins to die, it takes a while for it to finally fall off the tree. The tree of life will survive and the harmless parasites will eventually pass on. That is greed to the human spirit, it cannot survive. We the people win.


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