A Force for Good

Let’s face it, America already has guns. Most of those guns are run by a government, which has squandered our great country and shown that money is much more of value to them, than the American people and the prosperity of the entire nation. It is not the soldiers that devise the plan, that sends our troops into a death. Soldiers defend the truth. Officers defend justice. These are the best tactics to have a peaceful world, when someone orders these forces to do wrong, then there will be a choice, for the soldiers and officiers. Defend the people, justice for all, not only the corrupted leaders.

Presidents, Senators and Representatives are sent to be patriots for the growth of our country. There choice is how corrupt are they willing to be or how truthful. Financial corruption that makes the American people a victim, is not patriotic.

So, do we as a people leave our defense to someone’s else choice, or do I prepare to defend myself until they arrive to my defense. Crime in this country is real, there are not always, those of us with principle and truth. Criminals must be taught, that crime doesn’t pay. Unless, I can defend myself, they will never learn from me, I will only be a victim, to wish I would have. I understand that sometimes equal force is peace and mutual respect. There must be a equal force of good.

So, the American people are armed, as well. Most of those that are armed, do not want to use their gun to kill someone, but they will defend themselves. Alot of the American people want sustainability, alot of the people want renewable energy. Alot of people would like someone to train them how to use their gun. A personal consultant of how you can improve your life, in all areas of energy, wholesome life, defense – through the latest technology in the field. Good must get organized and there must be leaders. Poet warriors that never lifted a hand, except to assist another – but had the skills to stop violence, through equal force. The American people need a force of leaders that are beyond corruption, they need an example of patriotism, again.


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