Political View – Solid Liberal

Solid Liberals – 14% of the public
What They Believe
•Strongly pro-government and very liberal on a broad range of issues
•Very supportive of regulation, environmental protection and government assistance to the poor
•One of the most secular groups; 59% say that religion is not that important to them
•Supportive of the country’s growing racial and ethnic diversity
•Two-thirds disagree with the Tea Party
Who They Are
•Highly politically engaged
•75% are Democrats
•Concentrated in the Northeast and West
•57% are female
•Best educated of the groups: 49% hold at least a bachelor’s degree and 27% have post-graduate experience
•A third regularly listen to NPR, about two-in-ten regularly watch The Daily Show and read The New York Times
•59% have a passport
•42% regularly buy organic foods
•21% are first or second generation Americans


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